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Two SCAD grads to receive Academy Awards® for technical achievement

Two SCAD graduates will be among 25 individual award recipients to be honored at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ annual Scientific and Technical Awards Presentation

Steve LaVietes (B.F.A., computers art, 1996) was part of the team that won for creation of the Katana computer graphics scene management and lighting software at Sony Pictures Imageworks.

Katana’s unique design, featuring a deferred evaluation procedural node–graph, provides a highly efficient lighting and rendering workflow. It allows artists to non–destructively edit scenes too complex to fit into computer memory, at scales ranging from a single object up to an entire detailed city.

Nickson Fong (M.F.A, computer art, 2002) was part of the team that won the award for its work on the Pose Space Deformation technique.

Pose Space Deformation (PSD) introduced the use of novel sparse data interpolation techniques to the task of shape interpolation. The controllability and ease of achieving artistic intent have led to PSD being a foundational technique in the creation of computer–generated characters.



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